About us

Olitec, is established by young engineers with varied experience in Photovoltaic technology. We at Olitec, give ample amount of energy to research for arriving at the deliverable product. When the founding members decided to establish an alternative energy company, Crystalline PV Technology was chosen as major product group due to its stability in technology, distributional aspect and efficiency.

​Olitec, knows that consistency is the key for delivering quality products; To achieve this we, continuously enhance the key areas of process with better structure for quantitative analysis. We are capable to design modules specific to customer requirement. The company is structured in such a way that it makes itself adaptable for technological advancements.

​We have manufacturing unit in Vallimalai, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Which is capable of producing 15MW capacity of PV Modules annually. The unit is featured with automatic equipment wherever human expertise cannot achieve to deliver consistency. We follow ISO 9001:2015 standards for our Quality Management with IEC 61215, IEC 61730 and IEC 61701 as standard for our product.
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